Resource Real Estate, Inc. ("RRE"), our sponsor, and its affiliates have been actively engaged in real estate investing and turning around underperforming properties since 1991.

Resource Real Estate (RRE) - investing in apartments for over 20 years

Multifamily real estate investing is more than simply buying and selling apartment properties. We identify undervalued apartment properties and through careful market analysis and property-wide renovation and stabilization, we seek to increase occupancy and rents, and add value.

As of September 30, 2015, RRE manages and owns a portfolio with an aggregate value of approximately $4 billion, which includes over 33,000 units throughout the United States. RRE employs over 600 people that comprise the key functions necessary for a fully integrated real estate firm.

Resource Real Estate, a subsidiary of Resource America, Inc.

Resource America, Inc. is a specialized asset management company with a focus on alternative investment solutions.

  • Publicly traded on the NASDAQ: REXI
  • $21.7 billion of assets under management as of September 30, 2015
  • Corporate offices in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, London and Singapore
Shares of Resource Real Estate, Inc. are not being offered. Past performance does not guarantee future results.